Our commitment to your case begins with the first handshake. The lawyers at our firm have been to trial more than 300 times collectively. In the vast majority of the cases we defended, a zero verdict has been entered in our client's favor. * In virtually all the remaining cases, the verdict was rendered at or below the last settlement offer. **

SPROTT NEWSOM QUATTLEBAUM MESSENGER welcomes challenging cases. However, as important to the firm as these results are, performing legal services in a cost-efficient and time-efficient matter takes precedence. In the first stage of engagement, we develop a litigation management plan with our clients emphasizing cost containment without sacrificing the quality of our service. Moreover, we employ a proactive management process throughout the case cycle to assure time effecient resolution possible.

Summary Judgments and Dismissals obtained by the firm are simply too numerous to list here; however, our most recent trial/appellate results are as follows:


June 2019:

Sanchez-Dominguez vs Bourmel and Muhizi, a jury in the 113th Judicial District Court returned a defense verdict in favor of our client Mr. Muhizi after a 4 day trial. Plaintiff alleged Mr. Muhizi was negligent in operating his motor vehicle. The jury found that Mr. Muhizi was not negligent. Attorney: Diana M. Navarro.

March 2019:

Attorneys Joel R. Sprott and Tina E. Ohanian were victorious before the State Office of Administrative Hearings, which found that our client did not breach the standard of care and that the Board take no action against our client.

May 31, 2018:

The 12th Court of Appeals upholding the trial court’s ruling granting attorneys, Joel R. Sprott and Tina E. Ohanian traditional and no evidence summary judgments in favor of our client. The Appellate Court agreed that the Plaintiff failed to present sufficient evidence of causation to support her medical malpractice claim, dismissing all claims against our client.

August 17, 2017:

Attorneys Joel R. Sprott and Tina E. Ohanian won a pivotal appeal establishing that an injury need not be personal or bodily in order to qualify as a healthcare liability claim . The 14th Court of Appeals agreed that the Plaintiff’s lawsuit was actually a health care liability claim, as opposed to a breach of contract, and dismissed the case due to Plaintiff’s failure to provide a statutorily required Chapter 74 Expert Report. All attorneys fees and costs in defending our client ($22,747.44) were awarded against the Plaintiff.

January 2018:

The legal team of Joel R. Sprott and Cha’Mira L. Keener won a 12-0 victory in Bohuslavicky v. Dr. J & Dr. H; in the 334th District Court of Harris County, TX. After deliberating for less than an hour, the jury returned a unanimous defense verdict in this wrongful death, medical malpractice case where the plaintiffs alleged that the prescription of Xarelto caused the death of a patient who had several co-morbidities.

February 2016:

Mylesv.St.Luke'sEpiscopalHospital, 468 S.W.3d 207, 208 (Tex. App.—Houston [14th Dist.] 2015, pet. denied). Joel R. Sprott and Diana M. Navarro successfully convinced the Texas Supreme Court to affirm the 14th Court of Appeal’s ruling which found that the Plaintiff’s medical authorization form attached to the patient’s presuit notice to the hospital defendant was insufficient to toll the two-year health care liability limitations period.  

November 2015:

Spears v. Dr. I., et. al.; 60th Judicial District Court of Jefferson County, TX. The jury delivered a unanimous defense verdict in favor of the doctor and clinic with a deliberation time of less 30 minutes. Plaintiff claimed medical malpractice with allegations relating to post-operative care following a knee surgery. Attorneys: Joel Randal Sprott (lead) and Diana M. Navarro.

June 2015:

In CenterPoint Electric v. CableTex Communications, a jury in the 55th District Court of Harris County returned a defense verdict in favor of CableTex Communications after a 3 day jury trial.  Plaintiff claimed that CableTex negligently damaged its underground electrical cables in downtown Houston, resulting in $200,000 in property damage.  The jury found that CableTex did not violate Chapter 251 of the Texas Utilities Code and that Centerpoint failed to mark its own underground facilities.

May 2015:

Michele Quattlebaum won a very important pharmacy case in the Texas Supreme Court on April 24, 2015, wherein the unanimous Court reversed the judgment of the 2nd Court of Appeals and held that the Plaintiff had asserted a Health Care Liability Claim which was subject to dismissal for the Plaintiff’s failure to file the required 120-day expert report. Link to the opinion.

October 2014:

In Scott v. Papasozomenos, et al, the First Court of Appeals affirmed a summary judgment in favor of Kirk Mortuary in a claim alleging the negligent handling of human remains.  2014 WL 4952436 (Tex.App.-Hous. (1 Dist.)) (Tex.App.-Houston [1 Dist.],2014).  Attorney:  Jim Newsom.

June 2014:

Joel Sprott received a dismissal of all complaints for Dr. P before the state board of dental examiners.

October 2013:

Trosclair v. McMillan, 2013 WL 56759 (Tex. App.-Houston [1st Dist.] 2013, no pet.) Court of appeals affirmed defense summary judgment in a premises liability case involving a backyard trampoline. Attorney:  Jim Newsom

August 2013:

In re Kenneth Higby, M.D., 414 S. W. 3d 771 (Tex. App. -Houston [1st Dist] 2013, pet. filed). Defendant’s Petition for Writ of Mandamus was granted, protecting the physician’s peer review privilege. Attorney: Joel Sprott.

June 2013:

Summers v. Pharmacy; 352nd District Court of Tarrant County, TX. Defense verdict in a pharmacy negligence claim where plaintiff alleged that she was given medications not prescribed that caused her anoxic brain injury resulting in quadriplegia. Attorney: Michele Quattlebaum.

June 2013:

Byers v. Dr. O; 157th District Court of Harris County, TX. Defense verdict in a dental malpractice case where the plaintiff alleged that the dental restorative treatment resulted in the need for a full mouth restoration and periodontal treatment. Attorney: Michele Quattlebaum.

February 2013:

Bagwell v. Del Papa Distributing; 149th District Court, of Brazoria County, TX; Defense verdict in a premises liability case involving a falling case of beer. Attorney:  Jim Newsom.

* Individual results may vary
** As of December 2010